Our German Courses for young learners

In our small batches of 4 to 6 students, we provide young minds a conducive environment to imporve their language skills and speak more confidently by providing them relevant learning contexts and creative exercises.

Course overview

Course 1

Beginners Course

(7-8 years)

What do kids learn here?

-Getting familiar with alphabets, vowels and syllable.

-Getting familiar with words through pictures, word snakes and associations

-Writing small texts on given topics

-Participating in small conversations

-Enjoying the application of the new language with co-participants.

Course 2

Elementary Course

(8 to 10 years - Class 4th & 5th)

What will a child learn here?

(Language introduced through themes, with which children can identify themselves)

-Reading stories, finding relevant information and understanding the plot.

-Writing short texts on protagonist, plot, place, time.

-Narrating the story in own words.

-Increased feeling of comfort and familiarity with use of words and language structures.

-Understanding articles and learning the correct use of punctuations.

Primary Material for all courses: JoJo Books according to age group & Deutschbuch 5, Cornelsen Verlag.

Course 3

Deutsch für Jugendliche

(10-13 years)

Level 5

Level 6

Level 7

Each level corresponds to each grade at a Gymnasium. Trainers are qualified in teaching German as a foreign language, have experience in conducting language courses for children and youth and they are native speakers aware of the school system in German.

What will a child learn here?

While working towards higher levels of comfort while using the language, in this course the focus is on

- Vocabulary and phrases required to write better.

- Understanding grammar structures and applying them.

Material: Deutschbuch 5, 6 & 7, Cornelsen Verlag.

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This course includes:
  • 54 Units of Live classes completed in 9 weeks

  • Web & Mobile access

  • Course completion certificate

  • On request consultation sessions

  • Creative exercises designed with Audio-Visual material & Stories